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The Truth Behind Leptin Resistance and Obesity

What is Leptin?

Leptin is the ‘Master’ hormone that controls and regulates other hormones in our body. This in turn affects weight loss. Essentially, Leptin is regarded as the key hormone associated with starvation, metabolic process and the determining factor in deciding how energy from fats and carbohydrates get stored and used by our bodies. It essentially serves as the most significant adipose-derived hormone. Leptin works by binding to the leptin receptor.

To make it simpler, Leptin is the Master hormone. It is the gatekeeper of fat metabolism that detects the amount of energy we take in, and regulates our body processes, so that energy is either expended or stored. Check out this video about how leptin override fat burning system

What is Leptin Resistance?

The principles of Leptin Resistance are incredibly similar to insulin resistance. The chronic elevated levels of leptin lessen the hypothalamus levels of responsiveness to leptin, similar to how insulin resistance, the chronic elevated levels of insulin render your muscle and fat cells a lot more resistant to the activity of insulin.

According to the research of a certain biochemical research organisation, they bred mice that were incapable of producing the hormone leptin. These mice ended up getting fat, almost triple the weight of normal mice. This is because these rats never stop eating. Another group of mice were given leptin, and they became thinner. That is because those mice stopped craving more food and their metabolism stayed boosted.

Leptin Resistance and Obesity

After an overwhelming test result in mice, the biochemical community started testing the hormone leptin in humans with overweight problems. But then, the result failed. Why? Actually, nothing really happened or changed in those overweight people who were treated with hormone leptin. The reason is that overweight people already have a lot of leptin in their system. The problem is that their body is not capable of listening to leptin (ie, they have become resistant to leptin).

Leptin is a hormone that’s produced in your fat cells, therefore, the more fat you have the more leptin you produce.

Leptin actually travels through your blood stream, when it interacts with a certain part of your brain called “hypothalamus”, it actually signals the hypothalamus how much fat you have in your body that indicates how fat you are.

What happens if there is too much leptin in your system?

Normally, when your hormone leptin cooperates well with your body, especially with your brain, or hypothalamus, you will become and stay leaner. The reason is that you have too much leptin in your system that normally responds to your brain. Then you will feel that…

  • You become less hungry
  • Your metabolism speeds up
  • You stop craving sweet (sugary/high carb) food

Leptin Resistance for Overweight People

If you are overweight, your body or your hypothalamus will not listen to the hormone leptin. It means that when leptin is travelling through your bloodstream and interacts with the cells in the hypothalamus, it will not register the level of leptin.

If your cells is not capable of listening to the hormone leptin, then it is just the same as not having any leptin at all. You will most likely experience these things…

  • It will take longer for an overweight person to feel fuller.
  • Your tongue also loses its sensitivity to sweets, making you consume more sweet food to satisfy your cravings.
  • Your metabolic rate will work slowly only because leptin in fact will reduce the stimulation required by the thyroid to secrete hormones.
  • You’re not secreting the required hormones. Leptin regulates your thyroid, and thyroid medication is not addressing the real issue which is the hormone leptin.
  • Your body will become insulin resistant.
  • It causes you to crave for more junk food.

What Causes Your Body to Become More Sensitive to the Hormone Leptin:

Certain stresses make your body MORE or LESS sensitive to the hormone leptin such as:

Chronic Stress – different types of stresses such as the stress of a famine, stress from work, chronic cold weather stress or any other sort of trauma that happened in your life. The leptin and stressstresses in our lives are causing this dimmer switch of our brain to become more sensitive, or more resistant to leptin. Those types of stresses can activate this chronic stress response network which is the famine response which makes your body stop listening to leptin.

If you have certain stresses that are causing chemistry that’s similar to a famine, and that chemistry is elevated cortisol levels, elevated triglycerides, elevated levels of what they call proinflammatory cytokines, which means when you have inflammation from toxins or just from chronic stress. These hormones make your body a little less sensitive to the hormone leptin. That’s all that has to happen. That’s how your body shifts its set point.

There are few ways in which you can maintain adequate levels of leptin. They are:

  • Watching your fructose intake. Fructose directly renders the hypothalamus resistant to leptin. Normally responsive receptors in the brain have a muted or even silent response to leptin when fructose intake is high. If your high blood triglycerides that was brought on by a high fructose intake, it will block the passage of leptin to the brain
  • Avoiding Lectins (anti-nutrients found in most grains, and legumes)
  • Getting Enough Sleep
  • Avoiding Sever Calorie Restriction

So, if you want to lose weight, make sure that you allow your body to respond to the hormone leptin. You must understand what causes the most stress to you physically, emotionally and mentally. Eliminate those stresses in your life and follow the above mentioned tips on how to maintain adequate levels of leptin.

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