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training program Archives - Fat Loss Gateway

3 Diet Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Although you can find a lot information and facts related to weight loss, these diet mistakes are being repeated every single day. We are not discussing here about little common mistakes, where you may have consumed a piece of pie which was not on the diet plan, but huge mistakes that lead to failure to lose the excess weight that you actually want to get rid of. Consciously knowing these mistakes, can help you develop the mindset which will lead to long term weight loss for you.

The All Or Nothing Mindset

The all or nothing group of dieters tend to pick a complex diet which is practically impossible for them to keep up. Prior to starting, they are going to check the kitchen and pantry for anything that does not suit the plan and dump it in the garbage. They intend to be the perfect dieter, and they probably are going to be, for just 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days or perhaps a few weeks. After that, invariably, something happens which means they are unable to stick with the diet plan. Then the whole thing is messed up in their view, and the diet comes to an end. They even go to the store and purchase all the stuff that they threw into the garbage last week and move on to gain back all the weight which they shed.

If you happen to be this type of dieter you have to ask yourself certain challenging questions. Do you genuinely wish to lose weight once and for all, or simply just get rid of a couple of pounds so that you can put it back on again? The way forward is always to render little adjustments to the food you eat so that you will have a gradual but constant weight loss, rather than a complete diet change overnight.

The Mindset of Sacrifice

Yet another typical pitfall is to look at your diet plan as a period of sacrifice. You do not allow your self the foods that you like most when you are on the road to your goal weight. You may have an excellent diet plan and be very successful in reducing your weight, however what happens when you reach your goal? You have not learned to consume ‘bad foods’ moderately so as soon as you begin, you are likely to let it go out of control. It is much advisable to incorporate a little of everything in your diet plan and learn how to enjoy it in small portions. Indeed, even chocolates (Dark with very less sugar)!

Goal Failure

Setting attainable objectives is essential in almost any weight loss plan. Goals needs to be very clear, practical and set out in writing. You probably do have a precise weight in your mind, except if it is too far away (you have a lot of weight to lose), it may not help motivate you. A more helpful goal is to plan to lose 2 pounds every week for the 1st five weeks, and 1 pound a week there after. Certain weeks you are going to lose more, and some much less, certain weeks you may even gain, however if you monitor your own advancements on a graph you will notice that ups and downs are natural and will not stop you succeeding progressively to get closer to your main goal.

If you were making these mistakes, do not worry. The most important point in weight loss as with a lot of other stuff is always to keep going. Learn from your mistakes as well as your successes and you should not use a mistake as a justification to quit. The only way to reach your goal completely is to be dedicated to become a much healthier person. Keep in mind that consuming patterns usually includes eating more certain days and much less on other days. Learn how to enjoy food in moderation and you have every potential for staying away from these diet plan mistakes.

Eat Stop Eat the Expanded Edition Review

There are various fat loss and weight loss eBooks and products that have been circulating online. Some do have quality information while some others are just time wasters. Here in Fat Loss Gateway, we only review products that we know, can help you lose fat and weight in a healthy way. Another good read that we recommend is ‘Eat Stop Eat the Expanded Edition’ by Brad Pilon. This is a wholesome weight loss eBook which shares a whole lot of information about intermittent fasting.

About Eat Stop Eat

eat stop eat 2012Eat Stop Eat is a well-researched diet eBook on how to lose weight with intermittent fasting or feast and famine diet by Brad Pilon. Click here to learn more about him. If you are looking for a simple weight loss guide, then this eBook is for you. You do not need to sacrifice anything to get that dream body figure and muscles. Eat Stop Eat is designed for both men and women. It has a unique system on how to integrate the intermittent fasting in your life in a healthy way.  Brad pushes the idea of one or two, zero (0) calorie days a week, the rest of the days eating normally.

What to Expect from Eat Stop Eat Expanded Edition?

The Pros

  • The information in the eBook is always up to date.
  • Good quality information.
  • Brad Pilon has personally tried and tested his system.
  • An updated and well explained guide about intermittent fasting.
  • The author offers a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Tried and tested by many others.

The Cons

  • It is not recommended for people with serious health conditions and some health problems such as Diabetes.
  • No specific exercise to strictly follow.

Is Eat Stop Eat a Scam?

Brad Pilon appeared on Mike and Juliet’s morning show to promote Eat Stop Eat. Here is the screenshot below.

brad pilon mandJ show

Brad personally tried his own theory and as a result, below are his body pictures.

brad pilon 11 percent brad pilon body picbrad pilon pic 2012

How Much Does Eat Stop Eat Cost?

You can buy Eat Stop Eat for only $37, with free lifetime updates.

Are There Any Bonuses When I Buy Eat Stop Eat?

NO. The author doesn’t want to share meaningless reports about diet and nutrition. He has already shared all the valuable information in his book. Eat Stop Eat is effective if done properly.

Final Verdict

Following a proper diet plan is difficult. What Brad has written in his book is yet another healthy way to lose weight naturally. His theory is simple, eat normally today and fast tomorrow. If you are following the Eat Stop Eat diet guide seriously, then expect good results in a short time. Always remember that a proper diet plan consists of nutritious foods and regular exercise.

Click here to buy the Eat Stop Eat diet guide or if you already have purchased and read the eBook, share your experiences below.

Truth About Abs Review

What most people don’t realize is that most work out plans or programs are already done for them. They don’t need to waste their time searching online doing nothing to improve their health and body figures. Truth About Abs is a program that tackles about how you need to change your lifestyle; from your diet plans and daily exercises. This is a cheap program that has been proven effective for some people who have bought it. Before buying this program, please read our Truth About Abs review for this product.

What Truth About Abs Can Do For You?

Unique Workout / Exercises – The fitness program teaches you unique workout tips which most people never done correctly on their first or even second try. This program will help you on how to do the workout or exercise properly.  The program also includes photos and full descriptions for each of these exercises for the users to easily follow through.

Discover New Fat Loss Nutritional Diet PlansTruth About Abs fitness program shares their nutritional diet meal plans which you have never encountered before, or have encountered but never know why and why not to avoid such foods. Find out what kind of foods you should eat and what type of foods you should avoid.
Weight Training and Bodyweight Training – This program offers a variety of weight training programs. To have effective results, one must follow the routine stated in the eBook.

Easy Downloads – This fitness program includes free DVD “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” and 4 free motivational fast-fitness audios.

Give Exclusive free membership site – Truth About Abs also offers a free membership site for support where you can chat live with the world famous trainer from the Biggest Loser, Kim Lyons.

What Truth About Abs Cannot Do For You?

Truth About Abs cannot control your diet plans and body exercise routines. It is all up to you if you follow or not what Mike Geary, the nutritionist, trainer and the author, tackled in this program. This eBook is a great source of guidance to have a proper and effective way to lose weight and to gain that six-packed abs you always wanted. The key for the success in gaining your desired weight is to fight procrastination. Work it out, follow your diet plans and let’s see the result of your hard work.

This fitness program does not sell any supplements or diet fads. Instead of selling supplements, the author rather tackles the facts about the nutrition facts and a lot of delicious and nutritious fat burning meal plans.

Truth About Abs is available worldwide and anyone can do their workouts either at home if they have their own dumbbells or at the gym and utilize the gym equipment for best results.

If you are serious in gaining a six-packed abs, read, follow the nutrition fat loss diet meal plans and execute the tackled exercise training. Read more advanced exercise routines to build your muscles effectively in Truth About Abs program.

Here are some testimonials from Truth About Abs clients

Mike, the main thing I like about your program (apart from great results!) is the satisfaction I get from the workouts. After just a few sets of your unique exercises in the Truth About Abs (Renegade rows and One arm snatches being my favourites :))  I can feel that my body has been worked thoroughly and after a full session, I simply feel great…and exhausted!! And the results are coming quickly too! (without any special expensive or dangerous pills)

Thank you very much,
Timur Kary-Niyazov, Rugby School, UK.

Thanks Mike for an excellent book! Most of the information you gave is actually new to me despite other books I’ve read. I’ve been working out quite a bit lately, but I realized from your book that I was not working out very effectively, and was wasting a lot of my time with poor exercises.

I was also just reading over the nutrition section of your book and I’m very impressed with the detail given, particularly since diet has been a confusing topic for me. You really made it all seem a lot more simple, and I learned a lot. Thanks for a great resource!

Jared Mohamed, New York, NY

Burn the Fat Program Product Review

Burn the Fat program is a fitness program by Tom Venuto; a personal fitness trainer and a respected fat loss expert. He has written a lot of articles relatively about Natural Body-building, Muscular Development, Exercise for Men and more. Burn the Fat fitness training program helps both men and women to lose weight and body fat, build muscles, and start a healthier lifestyle. This program will tackle and help you learn how to properly lose those unwanted fats through an organized weight loss and muscle training.

What Can Burn the Fat Fitness Program Do For You?

Burn the Fat program will help you set your personal goal to achieve your desired body. It will motivate you to achieve your goal. It will also reveal the ultimate secrets on how to burn fat and get in shape.

You will learn proven facts about diet and nutrition that you may not have learned or heard before. You can choose your own meal templates based on the author’s diet plan guides. This eBook contains a lot of information about fat loss. You can learn how to build muscles from the bodybuilder experts and choose your own training program you wish to follow.
burn the fat program

What Burn the Fat Fitness Program Cannot Do For You?
This fitness program cannot help you with the body that you desire if you only did those training for six minutes a day. It takes a lot of effort and time investment when you start this training program. You may need to change your diet into a proper nutrition and change your daily activities to add extreme exercises fitted for you. It cannot help you if you cannot help yourself to change your lifestyle. If you are not willing to do those exercises, there may be no hope for you. The bottom line is you must set your goal and get motivated to lose weight, lose fat and build your dream body abs and muscles.

About the eBook
This eBook has 300+ pages about how to burn the fat. It is published in PDF format so users can easily download the eBook to their computer, laptop, tablets or smartphones. It has detailed information about what to do, what nutritional foods to eat and what type of exercises you could do to get the best results of losing fat and gaining abs. The eBook mainly focuses on nutrition which is the most important key to start a healthy living.
Burn the Fat program is not just for body builders. It is for every men and women who wants to learn about permanent fat loss and how to maintain your body.

Millions of men and women of different age from around the world want to burn their fat off. Burn the Fat fitness program will help you do it naturally. You don’t need any supplements, pills or magic potions to join this program. A proper discipline for nutritional diet plans and exercises are the key to show off your future hot and sexy body. Click here to learn more about Burn the Fat Program.

Keeping Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight

Some people who just started out their cleansing or nutritional program just gave up because they are not used to what they are eating. Keeping yourself motivated to lose weight is one of the important factors to achieve your goals. Why? Because not all people successfully achieve their goal in losing those unwanted fats. Some people who also started out their training program also gave up due to discouragement and the thought that they could not do it. Those are the common obstacles that you would encounter when starting out the nutritional and training program you chose. How would you motivate yourself to work on your health, fitness and nutrition again? It is only you who can help yourself. Here are some simple guides in keeping yourself motivated to lose weight.

Rethink about your goals. You must think about your goals once again. Think why you like to achieve that healthier and sexier body and think about starting over again.

Choose the right diet meal plan and exercise program for you and your body. Finding the right diet for yourself may be difficult when you are starting out your fitness program. If you have failed the first time, why not choose another diet that you are sure is best for you.

Stop making excuses. Saying that you could not lose weight or build muscles because of this and that won’t really work. Why not go out, look for delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables for your meal plans, or enroll yourself to a gym class to keep you motivated.
keeping yourself motivated to lose weight
Work it out. Start by implementing your diet plans and start working out today. Not tomorrow and not next month. If you work out and if you follow your diet plans today, you will get that small or better result tomorrow or next month.

Be positive. Always think positive. Keep yourself motivated and say “I can do this!”. If you think you can’t really lose weight, than you are right! But, if you think you can do it, with proper exercise and meal diet, you really can lose weight.

Reward yourself, you deserve it. After those tiring workout, rewarding yourself is the best thing to keep you motivated. You can buy yourself new clothes for your new body size. You can also treat yourself with some tasty and delicious foods that are not part of your diet plan, but always remember that you will do it moderately.

Repeat. When you are tired and or burn out with your daily activities, exercises or meal plans, think of your goals again. Keep repeating until you achieve a healthier you. Take your time learning and getting used to your daily routine and diet. In the end, it will be more beneficial for you in all aspects of life.

There is a program for getting a six pack abs to guide through your journey to a healthier you, feel free to read our review about the Truth About Abs program.

Overall, learn how to be persistent with your goals in life. Keep this in your mind and say “if he can do it, why can’t I?”.  Losing weight is achievable with endless effort and persistence. Never quit and become the inspiration of many others who wants to lose weight, build muscles and stay fit.

Top Strategies to Get a Six Pack Abs Exposed (Tips for Men and Women)

Strategies to get a six pack abs will not only improve your appearance and body, will not only boost your confidence but will also help you live a longer and healthier lives. It will also improve how you will feel inside and out. It will also help you gain a lot of confidence to show off your beautiful and sexy body.
When you start these strategies to get a six pack abs, you must not waste your time
training your abs directly or performing all those different types of abdominal exercise. You should not try so hard to get that abs you always wanted. You could actually do it a way better if you follow the appropriately designed full body workout program.
Gaining a six-pack abs is not just working out with your abs, it also requires a program that will bring out much enhanced metabolic response and boost the fat-burning hormone levels in your body. This is where full body training programs and proper nutrition comes in. These two major strategies to get a six pack abs has a total impact in stripping off the belly fat yo

six pack ab strategies

u got and reveal the six-pack abs that you have never seen in your body before.
The full body training program and proper nutrition should be done by both men and women. There is no gender limitation when performing, executing or following the fitness program.
Women must gain self-confidence to utilize the weight training program. It is the effective way to gain power over your body fat. Maximizing your lean muscle that your body carries and working that muscle hard through powerful resistance is the only way to power your body fat. One of the secrets for losing body fat and staying lean all the time is to maintain a regular strength training using heavier resistance. This will not bulk the women up especially when you know how to power your calorie intake.
Another strategy to gain a six pack abs is not to include sit-ups in your exercise routine. Sit-ups are known to be an ab exercise but it is totally useless when you target to gain a six-pack abs.
Once you have passed the beginning chapter of some strategies to get a six pack abs, try to focus on higher resistance exercises. Start on exercises that will motivate your muscle fibers to a much superior degree.
Never neglect some rotational movement.
Never neglect some work for the deeper muscles such as the transverses abdominis.
If your goal is to have a lasting fat loss, never waste your time doing the slow steady pace cardio.
Other things you could do, beside this strategies to get a six pack abs, make sure to watch what you eat. You may need not to engage in a different fad diets, but you must learn how to balance your diet in terms of nutrient density. Consuming unprocessed foods are highly recommended when you start a full body training workout